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Skyscraper Day 2017

Sep-03, 2017


Skyscraper day falls on September 3rd, every year. Though this is an unofficial holiday, it encourages people to learn about the science and art of building skyscrapers. Let’s celebrate this day by taking the elevator up a skyscraper and acknowledge the architecture and engineering feats that make such buildings possible.

Do you know why this day is celebrated on September 3rd? It is because it is Louis H. Sullivan’s birthday – 1856, he is the architect credited with the making of the first skyscrapers. Because of Sullivan’s remarkable accomplishments in the construction and design at such an acute point in architectural history, he has sometimes been described as the “father of the American Skyscraper”. In fact, many architects had been building skyscrapers before or contemporarily with Sullivan.


A skyscraper is a tall, and continuously habitable building with many floors, it is usually constructed for office and commercial use. However, there is no official definition for height above which a building may be categorized as a skyscraper. One common feature of skyscrapers is that they have steel framework that supports curtain walls. They have no shape or definition too, you see different types and styles of skyscrapers. They can be straight, twisted and bendy, but all are unique in their own ways.

However, the construction of skyscrapers has become so commonplace in cities around the globe today; and we see that the general public gives little thought to the architects answerable for creating the city’s unique skyline. Skyscraper day provides the opportunity to learn more about the architects who initiate a dream to paper and then construct the crews which come to reality.


The term "skyscraper" originates in the United States in the late 1880s during the building boom in Chicago and New York. During this time, buildings that had more floors than the surrounding buildings were called as “Skyscrapers”. These days, buildings which have more than 40 or more floors are classified as skyscrapers.

Height Criteria

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which is an international organization of civil engineers and architects based in Chicago, Illinois; is an authority on the official heights of tall buildings and regulates which building receives the title of the Tallest Building in the World. While this Council ranks the heights of buildings based on three criteria: the height of building from the lowest level to the architectural top, eliminating antennae and flag poles; however the highest occupied floor from the lowest level to the highest level, including antennae and flag poles.


Celebrate this day...

  • By visiting your nearest skyscraper; go up and take in the views from the top floor.
  • By visiting the food areas or restaurants they have. As many skyscrapers have restaurants or cafes at their top floors – so why not plan this day with your family or friends to have a nice meal there while enjoying your city’s landscape.
  • By learning more about the famous tallest building and their science and engineering.
  • By making your own skyscraper city using toy blocks or other materials.