Saving the stitch in time – Here’s how you can make the most progressive New Year Resolutions!

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New Year's Resolutions

Jan-11, 2016

Parents' impatience towards kids

It's again that point of time when people get together, make merry, host and attend parties, invest a lot of time in planning, make several short-term and long-term resolutions, et al. However, most people make several promises only to leave them in the lurch later on. The most popular reasons cited –failure to devise the perfect plan to achieve their set goals, lost interest in the first week of the year, itself.

 In life, it is important to make rewarding decisions, and New Year's Eve can be the perfect time to put them into action. Undoubtedly, the beginning of a year gives us the chance to see life in a completely new perspective, providing the motivation we all seek to move ahead.

We, at Best Brains, believe in helping you achieve your true potential, and this belief does not hold good only for your kids, we’d extend it to your families too, because we are convinced that a healthy family raises a healthy and accomplished child. Therefore, we attempt to go an extra mile and give you a few ideas for the various New Year resolutions.  These will go a long way in keeping you in the best shape of your life. However, before we lead you there, we'd traditionally offer a few interesting anecdotes about this entire concept.  

History has witnessed various ancient civilizations that practiced this ritual of making resolutions for the upcoming year. For instance, the Babylonians made promises to their Gods at the start of each calendar year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, after whom the month January is named. Interestingly, knights took the "peacock vow" at the end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry during the medieval period.

Well, that is for history; we come back to our sci-fi inspired 21st century, as we are all set to give out some viable choices for your New Year Resolutions. 


  •  Quit your Vices

It is a given thing that as adults, we face a whole lot of stress. Therefore, there are times when we act indifferent, remain always angry or get unconcerned about our loved ones. However, most people forget that children always look up to their parents. It's our duty to always remain as positive examples for our children. Bad temper, impatience, and sulky attitude especially when meted out to young kids can severely hamper their growth and negatively impact them. Make a strong resolution that aids you to remain positive. Yes, it'tough to be smiling and tension free always, but please do not get that stress home. This is in the best interest of your growing child. Your availability and good guidance will bolster his sense of working harder and lead him to attain unparalleled success. 

What can be done: Seek solace in prayers and social activities, take up anti-depressants on doctor’s prescription and be physically active.


  •  Make Healthiness your Second Nature

        More often than not, we find ourselves signing up for gym memberships and fitness classes only to waste the hard-earned money for something that is just not utilized. We must aim to improve our health levels by having regular exercises, balanced meals, and by leading a little more stress-free life. Take an oath to be healthy, and that will hit the right chord with our child for the rest of his/her life.

What can be done: Try to incorporate organic fare in every meal, practice some kind of physical activity for at least three hours per week, encourage kids to embrace outdoor sports, make peace with life’s problems and invest energies in solving them with patience and cogency. 


  •  Sign up for Mental Peace 

In an age where depression and mental diseases are as common as anything else, we cannot debate the importance of mental peace and well-being. It’s of undeniable significance to set aside a few hours to practice exercises that bolster our peace of mind. Having peace with your inner being helps to better serve our loved ones.

What can be done:  Enroll in a Yoga or meditation class to ease stress. Additionally, you may spend some time in solitude or devote few minutes for prayers. Things as simple as dancing or listening to music can prove to be beneficial, as well.



  • Take up a New Skill

There is no age for learning - we all know. Unfortunately, not many pupils really practice it. Picking up a new skill opens several new doors of prosperity. As a skilled person, you stand the chance of being more qualified for a certain job profile, or, at least, you will turn a more learned individual; both of these inspire and help your children to improve themselves. After all, parents are the best role-models for their kids. 

What can be done: Join a dance or ballet class, take part in any long-neglected hobby, or start something that can add weight to your resume. 


  •  Invest in Long-term plans:

It’s pivotal that we take an active part in planning the resources for our children. Of course, it is good to have children work hard and grow up to manage themselves. Nevertheless, it is a great idea to have some good investments made for them to help them move ahead in life without any financial glitches. 

Financial Investments

What can be done: Open some fixed accounts for short intervals; alternatively, long lasting fixed accounts can also be a viable option for those with younger kids. Mutual funds, property purchases or market shares can be fruitful too; but make sure to be very careful while investing.


  • Join a Social Cause

God has given us a great life, at least, better than that of several others around the world. We must acknowledge it, and take an oath to give a part of our earnings  to fulfill God’s greater motive of serving humanity. In case, you cannot contribute monetarily, then invest your time! Devoting a few hours per week can make a sea of change in the lives of the lesser-fortunate sections of the society. ?

Helping the needy
What can be done: Become a part of an NGO, start a social campaign, raise relief money for the poor and the needy, encourage equalitarianism of both genders. You can stand up for anything you believe in; thus inspiring the younger ones to raise their voices and fight for a change! 


  • Pledge to Spend More Time with your Loved ones

Life is a rolling ball, quite practically. It is the best example of the concept of inertia where it goes on without a stop, unless and until we make a conscious decision to alter it. 

Spending time with friends and family

Allotting a little more time to our friends and family can improve our over-whole health and goodness. Also, it aids to mitigate stress levels, promote happiness and live a more enriching and most of all – worth living life! 

We, at Best Brains, wish you Success of the Highest Order!